Two Years of Apple Sales Data

Superfly parses email receipts, extracting what items were bought and how much was paid for them. Today we want to share some of that data with you, and are putting up nearly two years of online orders from the Apple Store.

This dataset spans a few hundred panel members, (contact us for the entire panel). We divided the items into their broader categories, iPhones,iPads,Macbooks, Watch and others. Other than that, we’ve left the data untouched for you to explore.

We were curious about the sharp spikes in the data, and found that they match various product anouncments, we’ve added markers to help you interpert the data accordingly. You can also zoom in on the various charts, click on the the doughnought chart to filter by product or select a particular time span to zoom in on it.

Product Groups
Sales Price Distribution
Quarterly Breakdown

Published: October 21 2015

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